In the words of John Ssentamu

Sometimes you meet someone online who captures your imagination and with whom you build up a rapport. John Ssentamu is one such person. I responded to a comment he made on LinkedIn regarding values. We exchanged messages and I sent him a copy of our book, Values and Visions.

John is head of the Good Shepherd Primary School in Masaka, Uganda. It is a rural region, north-west of Lake Victoria. He is keen to improve the standard of teaching in his rural area and his vision is that there will be

a self-sustaining community
having values it believes in
protecting them jealously
passing them on to the next generation through our children

I was very moved by his vision and we are seeking to support him to achieve it.

John has also introduced Quidditch to his region in order to break gender barriers through sport (read more here).

I discovered recently that not only is John a man of vision and action, he is a man of humour, hope and he is a poet. He wrote:

Such world events that are unfolding can help us learn that 
The Nightmare Human dream sequence of the ages is dissolving. 
All dramas are fading fast, the fear is quickly dissolving in the sea of Loving Kindness. 
We can speak our dreams, our visions, our imagination now. 
We can open the "world" of our Heart’s Creative Longing.
Reality is magical.
It is fresh and new in each moment.
So now we know.
Now we can dream with eyes wide open.
Now we can dream the awesome undiscovered real, with a full Heart.
Nothing is ever as "it was" anymore. 
And if we can get out of our own way and keep dropping all our "baggage", 
all our old identity and emotional attachments, 
and into our Lovingness pay attention to what is turning up in our life right now, 
our life will be a breeze, a joy, an excitement, 
a constant string of golden nuggets, miracle beads. 
Because synchronicity is simply an indication that we are turning up 
in the Great Unfolding of Our New Life.
I would So Love that humans fully real-ise this.
I So Love You All

Let us be inspired by John Ssentamu’s words.

By Comments off April 9, 2020