After exploring Values and Experience we move on round the Dynamic Cycle to Reflection. Reflection helps us to think about and work with our experience of Self, Community or the Earth.

There are eight tools of reflection. Draw on as many of them as you can, selecting one activity or more from each tool.


Becoming silent, still and empty, allowing ourselves to touch that space inside that is beyond thought, becoming fully present, being open to new perspectives emerging; it is the space in which we become refreshed and mindful.


Giving undivided attention to others; offering complete listening with our ears, our eyes, our heart; hearing the meaning behind the words.


Making sense of experience through story and fables; bringing meaning and purpose to the countless events that take place by empathising with another’s experience.


Being prepared to meet others with openness, ready to be changed and to learn.


Treating each day as new and special; being thankful; appreciating others and the environment; having fun, encouraging happiness and enjoying life to the full.


Being open to suffering rather than ignoring or suppressing it. Acknowledging feelings of sadness, confusion, fear, pain, loss, anger, anxiety, inadequacy. Being prepared to face them honestly, to share and release them. This leads to acceptance, action and even at times celebration.


Picturing the future and allowing it to shape and create the present. It may involve using the imagination to freely explore the past, present and future. It can be a process of inspiring ourselves and others.