Values and Visions: Engaging Students, Refreshing Teachers

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Values and Visions is a teacher’s handbook of 130 innovative, practical classroom and whole-school activities for children and young people.

Do you want to help young people

build their inner strength and confidence

find their sense of meaning and purpose in this
uncertain world

draw on their values to engage with the world and make a difference?

This book is for you.

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Free Values and Visions resources

Please find below a series of free downloadable resources.

Valuing Your Self

Valuing our self is crucial to our wellbeing. Here are two of our many activities for developing a sense of self worth.

Self Activities


Valuing Our Community

A sample of our many activities for building community in groups of young people

Community Activities


Reflection is a key stage in the V&V dynamic learning cycle. We have 8 tools of reflection. Here are sample activities for three of them


Valuing Our Planet

Try two of our activities for observing our Earth, determining what we want, envisaging solutions and making them come about

Earth Activities


If you like these buy our book in paper or ecopy!

Other Recommended Resources

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