Free Values and Visions resources

Please find below a series of free downloadable resources.

Valuing Your Self

'V&V: Valuing your self' is the introduction to the other downloads.

Self Activities


In these difficult times it is very important to be able to show both our grief for what we lose and to celebrate the joys in our lives


Journalling is fun and can help

'V&V: Using the Journalling Resourcers' is the introduction to the other downloads.

Journaling Activities

Getting to Know The V&V Cycle

'V&V: Using the Community Resources' Activities for groups and building community in young people who may not be familiar with each other

Community Activities

The Earth: Valuing our Home

Activities around the theme of what we want for the future, observing our earth now and how we can envisage solutions and make them come about

Earth Activities

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Other Recommended Resources

Love in the time of coronavirus:

An anthology compiled by Robin Richardson on the Insted website.