Cooperation and Collaboration

Values and Visions‘ work does not happen in a vacuum. There are many organisations that we wish to support and encourage.  


Values Based Education
Transforming school environments for our students to become successful global citizens
Values Based Education
Now reaching over 1 million students, Values-based Education inspires children, young people and adults to adopt and live positive human values. VbE transforms the school into exceptional environments for teaching and learning. The focus on ethical and emotional intelligence, deepened relationships, social cohesion and a strong values-culture give students the best chance of academic success.


Putting values at the heart of UK society
UK Values Alliance
The UK Values Alliance is a collaborative group that is seeking to promote values in society. We formed as a result of the recent UK National Values Survey, which demonstrated a large gap between the personal values of UK residents and the values they see at a national level. We are a hub for individuals and organisations active or interested in the field of values.
Taking young talent to new heights
Takatuf Scholars
The Takatuf Scholars Programme links today’s learning to tomorrow’s success for young Omanis whose commitment is to excellence for their nation and themselves. Takatuf Scholars will be lifelong and continuous learners who are able to take effective and ethical advantage of all sources of knowledge – academic, theoretical, practical, applied, virtual and experiential – and put it to good use for all.