It is finished!

V and V Cover
Values and Visions Cover

Last week, Values and Visions went to press. After three years of writing, editing, drafting, re-drafting, sourcing images, seeking permissions trialling, adjusting according to feedback and everything else that you forget goes into producing a book of this type, Values and Visions was dispatched last week to become an e-book and a print book. When can you get your copy? The e-book will be available on May 1st at £9.99 and the print version on June 1st at £37. To pre-order, email us at

How do we feel? Exhausted. Elated. All the final labour was undertaken by Georgeanne, Debs, our designer and our tireless copy-editor Andy as Sally was extricating herself from her employment and twenty-one-year life in Oman. Timing was not ideal.

What next? Can we sit back on our laurels and watch our baby head out into the great blue yonder? Oh no! As with all new-borns, we must announce its birth, let the world know it is out there, get reviews, secure sales, in short, prepare the way for its life and growth. We want everyone to know about V&V.

Buy the book, use it and, most of all, tell others about Values and Visions.

By Comments off March 14, 2019