V&V enables young people to find meaning and purpose in a volatile world. It will effect significant and lasting change in the world of education, re-establishing itself as a successful, tried and tested methodology for the extraordinary times in which we live.

What is V&V

V&V is a book, a website and in-service training. Together they deliver a way of working which transforms people and schools. It uses a unique, dynamic framework. V&V starts with the here-and-now: everyday problems, opportunities and challenges that face teachers and young people. It takes these current concerns and passes them through the prism of their values and their vision. Values contain the power to transform the problems into quite remarkable outcomes that not only resolve the problem itself but also bring rich learning. Values lie at the heart of the V&V learning cycle. The cycle begins with experience, moves through eight tools of reflection which lead to the understanding and formulation of our purpose and the action (or non-action) we will take. This action becomes a new experience and the cycle moves on.

Based on twenty-five years’ experience working in schools, businesses and other organisations, V&V has already reached over 10,000 teachers and students and has received reviews and citations commending its power as a force for change. The original book, Values and Visions: A Handbook for Spiritual Development and Global Awareness (Burns & Lamont, 1995) has been and is being used in U.K., Japan, the Congo, Burundi, Zimbabwe and Oman. The new, updated V&V will impact 10,000 teachers and 500,000 young people.V&V is not...

V&V has been re-designed to meet the very real challenges faced in education today: addiction, disillusionment, despair. to name but a few. It is for every educator of 8-16 year-olds who wants to deliver the requirements of the curriculum but in their own way: a way that gives young people a holistic education which nourishes the mind, body and spirit and allows their innate qualities to flourish.

V&V will provide teachers with the tools to develop young people’s inner strength, to nurture their confidence and sense of hope; to enable them to discover meaning and purpose and to empower them to be part of creating a sustainable future in a chaotic, volatile world. The approach is practical, pragmatic and full of vitality.

V&V will change education in the twentieth-first century.

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